buildup to my final year of university

A little background on my current stage of life: I am a Psychology Undergraduate. I will eventually write a recap on my first year of university, demonstrating the highs and lows of university life and perhaps, a little detail into how I drastically improved my grades from first year to second year (gaining a first overall). But, for now…

It’s August 11th, 2019. About now, is when the excitement of returning to education begins to unleash in my veins. I’ve chosen and received all my options for this years modules. Also, my new notepads are at the ready, accommodation is sorted, and I am all enrolled – ready to take on the final year.

I’m the type of person that, once this energy is unleashed, I just want to get going with it.

So, I’m going to share with you what I usually do – before I even begin my final year.

First things first, I always check my timetable as soon as it comes out, and begin to plan from there. As such, I know I’m in for a FULL DAY on Thursday’s. This means that I’ll be balancing 2 modules worth of information in one day and it’s likely deadlines for these will be closer together. Stress – not too much, if we understand this and plan in advance.

As i mentioned earlier, i already have bought my notepads. I use Pukka Pads which i highly endorse for writing my notes. Yup – I hand write all my notes still. Yes, even in this day and age.

This year, i am trying to do things a little differently though. For example, if/when my reading lists are released, i aim to actually do my core and extended reading in advance. To keep in line with this, i am preventing myself from starting my notes until after i have read and written notes on the core/extended reading first. It sounds strange to do it this way round – but for me, i know i can use the notes to make links to the reading I’ve read beforehand and thus, consolidate my knowledge.

(If i do slip into old habits of writing notes first then doing the readings, i’ll write about why i went back to that – but hopefully i actually stick to this new method, as i think it may be more beneficial)

My accommodation is sorted and i will move back to halls in September. After living at home and commuting for a year (second year), i decided that due to the demands of my final year: carrying out an empirical project – lab work, the need for space and freedom which is not always guaranteed living at home -it was best for me to move back.

I am currently working full-time – gotta get that money to survive living away from home… Oh! Holidays in the future too! Also, there are some bits’n’bobs i need to buy still for my kitchen/room but i’m not too worried about this as i can get them closer to move-in day. What do i do in my free time in preparation for my final year, if anything?!

It is my intention to start building up my research literature in preparation for my final year report as this doesn’t require me to have any data/analysis beforehand. Yeah – i sound like a try-hard, but really, i just want to make my final year less stressful than anyone else’s experiences and simultaneously, yes, acing it.

(Future me: We hope).

Anyway, before i go off topic, it’s best i summarise. My build up to my final year at university isn’t filled with intense worry or too much stress; instead, I am trying to focus on making it the best i can and using my motivation and enthusiasm to sail me through this.

Note to myself: I could be so wrong here and this final year could be hell. Let’s keep the positivity and enthusiasm, you got this!

If you’re going back into education this year, are you ready? Let me know!

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