8 goals till the end of 2020

1. To write more: about my feelings when I am emotional (good/bad).

I find that writing is the best way for me to express not only my feelings and thoughts, but it also helps me think more logically. I often write a lot/plan potential plans of actions – for example, plans for after university etc and I can then fill in the gaps as to what I am missing from my life right now, by doing so. Or, even more long term scenarios, such as, budgeting to save up for plans way in the future.

2. Additionally, to use my raw experiences to write inspired poetry/lyrics (we’ll get onto this later)

I know I’ve only posted one poem so far, but over time, you’ll see that I quite enjoy writing poems. Some will be good, some will be not as good, but ultimately, I think the written word is too beautiful to not share – even if it isn’t the best, there’s something raw in itself about that: human imperfection spiralling onto paper itself, nothing gets more true than that.

Side note: this doesn’t mean that every poem I post is relevant to my life or my own experiences. Story telling requires the skill of putting yourself into others shoes too. Remember this.

3. Keeping consistent with going to the gym (minimum 3 times a week) excluding active rest days where I’ll go for long walks at least once a week.

I’ve been unable to go to the gym for the last 3 weeks as I had surgery. Now that I’ve had my 2 weeks off, I’m back and ready to go. Although, I still can’t lift too heavy, for at least another week – but that’s not too bad. I’ve already gone 3x this week (so goal hit as of today). Exercise really helps me out when I’m feeling low and i definitely believe the saying is true, “you never regret a workout, but you will always regret skipping one” (unknown).

4. Ideally, I want to blog everyday, but I never want it to be a chore, I do it because I’m enjoying it. I know that blogging everyday may not be completely realistic as I’ll be going back to do my final year at uni – instead, I’ll make it my goal to blog at least 3/4 times a week. Hopefully I beat this each week, but of course during heavy coursework/exam seasons, I will prioritise that.

5. I need to learn how to swim (again) – lets just say, I haven’t been swimming in years, and I need some lessons. Thankfully, adult/1-to-1 classes exist.

6. I have been saying it for years, but to learn how to do the splits and take up yoga – even if it’s watching home videos for both.

Nothing is impossible! This one is a must. I will certainly post a picture to prove this is done. Whoops – just made a strong bet, with myself here. I got over a whole year to do this… better not let myself down

7. Learn to play at least 3 songs on the guitar. Now, I must say, I don’t play the guitar, but it was one of my dreams to be able to learn, and I was kindly gifted one to use.

Therefore, I really cannot let myself down here. There really is no excuse. With the help of YouTube and online resources, I’m sure I can figure it out! Here’s hoping.

8. This is going to be the most challenging thing as I’m not even sure I can afford it, but if I can afford it – I would like to have completed a singing course. Yup, I said it. I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford it, but to have a back up, I will attend at least 6 private 1-to-1s if I cannot afford the full funding for the proper course in London. (Waaay too much to even do the singing AND song-writing:( but we got time, maybe that’ll be the next years goal).

Writing these goals down and being able to reflect on them and also, knowing that other people have read these are really strong motivators. By the looks of it, hopefully next year i will be channelling the inner creative diva inside me – which has been hiding for far too long. I guess time will tell.

What goals are you currently working towards and what keeps you motivated to achieve them? Let me know in the comments:)

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