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I was scrolling Instagram’s explore page the other day and I do this silly thing where I refresh the page, and before doing so i pick a row and column and really think about the message that comes through. Yeah pretty strange, I know. Sometimes it’s not always pleasant but honestly, that’s kind of the best, when something isn’t pleasant – it can highlight something you didn’t think you knew about yourself that your unconscious can relate to.

Anyway, I was feeling like I needed to make change in my life. So, I did it, I picked my picture and refreshed.

What came up shocked me. I never knew it was possible, but as I read it, I was like, “Woah. This is so true – i need to do this with my life immediately”. I’ll share with you what it said. It didn’t have an author, so I can’t give credit to whoever wrote it, so I’ll leave it as unknown. It said something along the lines of:

“Envision the highest version of yourself that you can. Now, start acting like it” (Unknown).

How could such simple words inspire me in such a bountiful way? I’ll never know… it’s as if it opened up a life that I knew I was capable of, but perhaps, ran away from. Thinking, I’m only 20, I can’t be that woman now. Well, why the hell not.

I must’ve really let myself go and I only realised lately. Now I’m aware. I’ve taken back the power and control of my life. The first step for me, which is something I stopped caring about more and more, becoming lazy as I went to university, was how I dressed – I can tell you now, I definitely still keep my sweats and loungewear around. But I make an effort now to look as presentable as I can. I couldn’t bare to let myself go on such an easy thing to rectify.

As soon as I started to take pride in how I presented myself, I noticed that followed through with other elements of my life. Now, it’s not just what I wear, it’s about my health too and other creative elements I want to channel.

I want to be the best I can. Truly. Those words were just a massive reminder that I needed to hear.

I hope sharing this quote with you will also have a huge positive impact on your life, if that’s what you need right now.

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Quite literally talking to myself through this blog, but enjoy.

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