honey, I’m home

Honey, I’m home.

Ever been away from someone for what seemed like too long? Even if it’s just a few days, or perhaps, a few weeks.

Your body soldiers on and your day-to-day activities, complete. But still, not a day goes by where your mind doesn’t wonder:

I hope you’re okay. Be safe and enjoy yourself. I miss you.

Little by little, the distractions of work dilute and the mind begins to crave.

Oh, it begins to crave: their scent, smile and warmth – all battling to takeover the space of the mind, but you don’t mind. Not at all.

Venturing into the depths, where discovery takes place, you find it all.

Echoing between four walls, you know you belong here. It comforts your soul. Almost soothing the hole.

Yearning for more, you pick up the phone. “I’m on my flight home”. Your heart, KO.

Oh my, is this what it’s like, to have a home within another’s soul?

Unlock the door, honey, I’m home.

Published by my-waytothe-unknown

Quite literally talking to myself through this blog, but enjoy.

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