i needed septoplasty surgery

I had been suffering with an inability to breathe properly from both nostrils for years. I went to several GP appointments and was simply given nose sprays. One after the other. Even when, I had told them, I knew that they didn’t work.

For years before, I had already adapted sleeping habits to try and enable smoother breathing. I never really mouth-breathed. So instead, I would pull my cheek on the side of the blocked nostril – I felt like, somehow, a little bit of oxygen could get through this way. It was not only embarrassing – if I went on holiday with others, but it was also, purely killing my mood all the time. I literally couldn’t breathe properly.

I went to another GP, last year in July (I think) and told him everything I knew and how the sprays didn’t work. He actually looked inside my nose and was like… “you can’t breathe because it’s completely blocked” and he told me that sprays wouldn’t solve this problem because I had a deviated septum!

I had no clue what this was – but I’ve attached a link below to give you an idea:

What is a deviated septum?

My nose didn’t really look like it had a deviated septum – the bone didn’t look bent to one side or anything… Or, it was not extremely obvious.

Anyway, I finally had the surgery on the 24th of July, 2019. To be clear, this was not cosmetic surgery and is not really regarded as a nose job. All the work is done inside the nose and for functionality purposes.

A year later… due to one cancelled surgery (needed more tests before anaesthesiologist was happy for me to go under). I will be writing a post about my pre-surgery experiences and post-surgery (updates).

Have you had septoplasty? I’d love to hear what you experience was like!

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    1. Hello there, I only had my post-op check up appointment last week so will be publishing the pre-surgery experiences tonight/tomorrow. Then, I will post an update on the check-up on Wednesday this week. Thanks for your interest.

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