today, I’ve been super unproductive and I don’t even care

Today, I had planned to do a lot. I woke up at 8am. Showered before 9. Was ready to start the day. Then I made a huge mistake, not uncommon either: I got back into bed.

Why did I do that?! I had goals in place for today and I wanted to make a start on research for my empirical project. I literally just had to listen to my body though, and the day is almost over, and for once, I’m glad I did nothing today.

I think it’s because this week, I’m working 6 days and I needed to get myself ready for that. So, here’s a reminder that it’s okay to not doing anything at all somedays.

I’m probably going to do some proper planning for after I eat, and then start an outline for my research tonight. So when I wake up tomorrow, I can get going and not feel bad for wasting two days in a row.

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Quite literally talking to myself through this blog, but enjoy.

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