i think I know what I want to do after university – part one

So, my plan after university currently stands at:

Get experience after university, working in the two or three areas I’m interested in: research, teaching (children/young adults) and finally, clinical experience (fingers crossed as it’s so hard to find places).

From this I expect to have a clearer idea on who I am not and where my strengths are. Also, if I am still really willing and motivated to give my all to a DClinPsy and from there I am already on my way to doing what I love in the future. [edit: Or, I will know that I need more time still and that’s okay too].

Here’s a little background on my thought process:

I’m 99% a planner. So it is very rarely that I will make a spontaneous decision – unless, it’s regarding seeing old friends out of the blue, I’ll probably be down for that.

I’ve been looking at career options to do after university since I was like, 14 – back when I was picking my own GCSE options. I know all too well though, that even if I plan everything, it won’t always go the way I intended. For instance, take me changing from Accounting and Finance to Psychology. Drastic.

Recently, I’ve been pondering over what Masters to do and how I will be able to save up in order to afford it. But now I know, this isn’t my only option.

I’ve been looking into DClinPsy (postgraduate studies) which will allow me to become a practicing clinical psychologist in the future. I know that for majority of psychology undergraduates, this is their goal. I don’t want to be mediocre. If I’m going for this, I want to make a name for myself and by this, I don’t mean it in the usual instances of, opening my own clinic one day or whatever. No. What I mean is that, I genuinely have a passion for helping others and personally, to live a life most meaningful, whatever I end up doing as a career – be that research/teaching/clinical, this is what I will put my heart into.

Anyway, late last night, I was searching for DClinPsy degrees and there was something I already knew, but hadn’t actualised properly. Although extremely competitive and obviously a lot of hard work. DClinPsy degrees are likely to be fully funded by the NHS AND on top of that, a trainee psychologist salary is also paid – I don’t think this is from the get go though, but that’s not a problem. I can’t expect to be paid when I haven’t got the appropriate skills to carry out such important work.

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