5 things i didn’t pack, that I NEEDED

Sometimes we overpack , but I much prefer it when we under pack. Here is a list of things which I couldn’t know to bring to my room, until I saw it myself.

1. Bathroom Storage

I got all the products and even the toilet bin – but c’mon girls and boys, I didn’t think of where I would store all these products, forgetting university halls lack storage space…

Thus forth, I am in search of a simple water resistant storage caddy for my bathroom so I can display all the wonders that keep me clean.

2. Bed side table/extra drawers

Although not a complete necessity for everyone, it is for me. Surprisingly, I do have enough space to fit one – which will come in handy as university rooms don’t really have the right storage in the cupboard for underwear/socks. This is an all rounder for me!

3. Cutlery

I know what you’re thinking. But no, I’m not an animal. I just knew I was coming back home again before I immersed myself back into uni life. Besides the point, yes, I do need to invest in a cutlery set. At least this is an easy buy.


I think it’s safe to say, when you’re at uni and you have to pay approximately £4 to wash and dry your clothes, you’re going to need a LOT of socks to keep you afloat while you wait for that laundry pile to be the at it’s best value for money.

5. Pen Pot

I have to say, I was under the impression that one would come with my room (as it did the first time I lived in halls) – but I was wrong. That’s okay though, pen pots are cheap! Or, you can make one yourself. Still. A very vital need for someone who wants to ace their studies and is still using old-school, handwritten note taking as a revision method,

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