why do I feel grateful?

1. I don’t know everything

Now, this might seem strange because sometimes we all wish we knew everything – but, not knowing everything and knowing that you don’t, really opens your mind to the beautiful characteristic which is: curiosity. Embrace your blind spots and certainly check them out – there’s always more to what meets the eye.

2. I’m alive (one thing I do know)

It is what it is – I wouldn’t be writing my experience through life if I wasn’t living it. Thankfully, I am and can share my journey with whoever cares to read this. Hey, you’re never alone by the way. We’re all going through this together – till death do us part, literally.

2. I have about 4 world class friends

I genuinely couldn’t ask for better friends. Each have their different quirks and attributes that make them different but I truly believe I need each of them in my life.

Many people strive to make hundreds of friends and in my opinion, don’t get to experience deep and meaningful connections as simultaneously.

I know that is controversial to say the least. But for me personally, I know I couldn’t be the optimum friend if I had TOO MANY. By this I mean, I wouldn’t feel able to cater to all their needs – which is just as, if not, more important than them catering to mine.

3. I’m entering my final year of my undergraduate degree

I’m reaching a milestone in my life – almost. How crazy is that. For once in my life, I see it coming and I want to cross that finish line truly knowing I gave it my all. There’s something different here. After finishing school, you really do get to decide how to live your life, and in doing so, I’m accepting all this responsibility. Through the good and the bad – I’m going to finish the race and jump into a bigger pond, next.

4. My family love and care about me

I am one of those people who shares a close bond with their family. It’s not unhealthy to admit. I love my family. This doesn’t mean I need to be with them all the time or whatever, but it means that we always have each other’s backs, whenever and wherever. I think this is where I learned true unconditional love. Till this day, there’s not a thing my parents wouldn’t TRY to do for me, and even if they couldn’t, I know in my heart, they would’ve wished they could.

6. I can read

Just like you, I can read. Nothing is more beautiful than escaping the darkness of the world than when you’re reading something which excites your mind, stimulates your curiosity and/or makes you re-evaluate your life. This truly is the key to growth. Keep reading. There is so much you can discover: when you read between the lines, or, when it’s jumping right at you. Read into it.

I really enjoyed sharing and reflecting why I feel grateful. Let me know why you feel grateful today, I’d love to hear what else may resonate with me or what has slipped my mind. Bye, for now!

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Quite literally talking to myself through this blog, but enjoy.

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