always choose what you love – yes, this is university-related.

Making important decisions and ending up changing them is not something unfamiliar to me.

I made and changed my secondary school option. Then, my GCSE options. Oh, and then my A-Level options. Not to forget, my almost disastrous university course option – luckily, made and CHANGED.

Now, entering my final year. I’ve into the same pattern again. I selected my options at the beginning of the year. Yet again, I fell into my old decision-making process, one I know does not serve me well.

I selected one of my options, not just because I love the idea of it but more so, because I think it would make me stand out more. The subject is Neuropsychology.

Conflict only came into mind when my coursemate expressed her shock that I didn’t choose the more philosophical module, one which involves looking at consciousness.

(Usually, once I’ve committed to something, I know I can stick it out. But it’s always worrying when people know you better than you know yourself in these moments).

Of course. My mind didn’t stop when I heard her say this. Lucky for me yet again, it’s a semester two module! So, I have time to decide and make the change.

I think I knew this may happen – following the pattern it fits right in! I think that is why I chose the oversubscribed module, as I knew switching over to the latter one, would be no problem for me.

The key message I’ve learnt here is: really, do what you love! You can sell yourself even better when there is passion in what you do and choose. Make choices based on what you love. Don’t fall into the trap like I do, and seek to do what you may not enjoy as much just to appear better in potential future situations (e.g. a masters course).

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