i needed septoplasty surgery – part 2.2: pre-and-surgery experiences

Okay, quick refresher: I’m at the hospital, my parents have gone. I’ve been given my wristband declaring me a patient. I’ve changed into the hospital clothing, including the tight compression socks. I’m all ready to go. I’ve spoken to two consultants, signed forms and gone to the loo at least 3 tones. I was nervous, okay.

In a room with two other patients, I waited in my trolley-thing. I didn’t have to wait too long, before I was being wheeled into the surgery unit – felt nice roaming the hospital on a trolley.

Let me tell you this. Doctors don’t waste their time. When I got in the room, they said hello to me and asked again if I was fine with a student doctor observing the procedure (I already gave permission when I was waiting to be taken in, but it was great that they asked again). After this, i was ready to go.

The anaesthesiologist walked me through what was going to happen. I had an oxygen mask on. I felt calm. He said to me, sometimes patients don’t find this painful and it just feels like cold liquid going into your body, or you may experience a bit of pain.

Unfortunately, I experienced the latter. I took my oxygen mask off and told him it hurt a bit (apparently you should keep your oxygen mask on at all times… haha, but it’s okay, I didn’t know that I could talk with it on). He was great though, he apologised and gently rubbed the area of injection and in no time, I was under.

Now, when I woke up I was in a different room, I noticed the pink wall colours had gone and now I was in a larger room with 2 other patients who had probably just come out of surgery too.

Before the operation, I was terrified on how I’d feel when i woke up. Confused? Talking a lot of crap? In deadly pain? Nope – none of these happened. I didn’t feel confused when I woke up, nor sick or talkative. I was in quite a zen state. I waited and waited and after about 30 minutes, I was taken back to the room where it all started.

I had the nurse apply bandages to my nose as it was bleeding a bit. I did not have any packing in my nose. I’ve heard this is painful to remove, so I was very relieved. My bandages had to be changed again about 2 hours later because I did bleed through them. Nothing hurt though. Like, at all.

I was hungry and got given loads of small bits. Hospital food is never that great but it was a lot harder to eat a sandwich post-surgery, due to my mouth only being able to open so wide without causing a slight bit of discomfort to my nose.

I stayed there for about 4 hours longer. It must’ve been around 8pm now. My mum and sister came up as I was almost ready for discharge. The nurse showed me how I’d need to clean my nose for the next few weeks, how I was not allowed to blow my nose for two weeks – something I thought would be difficult to do, but trust me, it was fine. How to clean it (3x daily with saline water and two big syringes) and I was also given a nasal spray (again) which I can admit now – did not really do much for me.

Ultimately, I went home the same day, felt great, didn’t feel like I could breathe yet, but that was due to a lot of swelling (or so I was told).

The pain was subtle, almost dull-like. It didn’t really hurt. I would do it again if I had to. Going under wasn’t as scary as I imagined – more so, the waking up part. Sleeping at night was okay, I did have to mouth breathe as my nose did get covered up to stop blood getting on my bedding, although this was my own choice. After 10 days, it did start to get better – I could wake up and although it would still feel a bit crusty inside, it no longer gave a twinge of pain if I touched it accidentally when unaware. I felt like I was making good progress. After a month or so, the stitches started dissolving and I was left with a bit of white fleshy skin (inside, of course) which is still recovering smoothly in the inner side of my nostril.

I booked my check up appointment a few days later. This was to be about 2 months post-surgery and would tell me if the surgery was successful or not…

I just had my check-up appointment on the 18th and so I will be giving you another update – will be posted this Wednesday @10pm GMT.

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