5th week into final year

Okay, so in my last post I was clearly very stressed out. Oh how times can change over a week and a half. I feel good. Relaxed. Settled. Why am I not being challenged? Maybe I am.

Time to reflect:

What’s changed since two weeks ago? I’ve started going back to the gym again, more consistently. I eat pretty healthy. I actually have way more of an interest in my modules than I expected, which has made taking on coursework a lot easier.

With regards to my independent research project I’m doing, I’m not even worrying about that at the moment. The ball isn’t in my court as yet. I’m waiting for my supervisor to finalise everything. Then it’s time to play ball. But for now, I have to think of the things which I CAN make a difference to.

This week i have successfully started one piece of coursework, way ahead of the deadline. This may be the first time I’ve started with over a month to go.

Also, I’ve been more sociable. Weird for an introvert like me. But getting out and engaging in normie activities hasn’t been the end of the world to my surprise. In fact, it gives my brain a little time to resettle so that I can come back even stronger with a better approach to thinking.

Also, I feel like I’ve been neglecting writing on here a lot lately. So I’m going to introduce a schedule and plan it all out for more routine posts. I’ll update you on that soon. Next week there is no update, as I have a reading week. So I’ll just be focusing on coursework and maybe going home. But for now, I’m going to brain storm ideas. Good night for now.

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Quite literally talking to myself through this blog, but enjoy.

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