7th week into final year

Okay, 7th week is over. Here’s a recap:

At the start of the week, i was going through my research for my final project… i took “find a gap in the research” too literally and ended up finding a gap which I couldn’t link, each way I tried. No past research was available. It was a dead end.

As I previously had to change my project, I made the rookie mistake of thinking “finding the research for the new aspect will be fine”, but nope. I was wrong.

I will go into more detail about this when I post my specific “Empirical Project Journey”. But, this can only be done after data collection, to ensure no contamination.

The rest of the week was rapid. I don’t even know how it’s Sunday again.

I wasn’t well on Thursday and missed both my lectures. But I’m almost caught up now.

Due to hospital appointments, I will be also missing next weeks lectures – quite disappointing as I’m afraid I’m going to fall behind. But it’s okay, because I’m going to make the effort to ask questions about anything I haven’t fully understood when I need to.

I socialised a fair amount this week which was nice! Played ping pong in the common room and hung out with “friends”; perhaps acquaintances is a better word. But yeah. Tomorrow is a new week and I’m ready to try harder than today.

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Quite literally talking to myself through this blog, but enjoy.

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