8th week into final year

So, this week was long because I had two hospital appointments which resulted in me being unable to go back to uni to attend classes.

Although I had a really good week at home, and didn’t do too much work. Today, Sunday, I finally got my ass into gear and made a solid start on my MDMA assignment. It’s actually so interesting, so I’m enjoying doing that.

I’ll be going back to uni on Tuesday. But the plan for tomorrow is to catch up on the lectures i missed and potentially work a bit more on this coursework.

I’ve actually missed being in London, so it’ll be good to go back. I managed to start reading, Alan Watts “Wisdom of Insecurity” which was something I came across and felt drawn to read, especially because thoughts of the future are still so terrifying. But I’m good, and I’m focused. That’s all that matters. Bye for now.

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Quite literally talking to myself through this blog, but enjoy.

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