10th week into final year

So, it’s Sunday and it’s uni reflection time.

This week, I had submitted my first piece of coursework for the year. It was on MDMA and it was an objective report to government officials giving them information on risks of recreational and benefits of potential use. I really enjoyed working on this report and hopefully, this will be reflected in my grade.

After that was out of the way, I resumed doing work on the other piece of coursework I have which is due this upcoming Thursday. I’m actually not too sure how I will do on this one. It feels a lot more difficult so I’m putting in extra time to make sure I’m completely happy with it before I submit.

This piece of work asked me to create a poster and submit an annotated bibliography on the references used to make my poster. The topic was completely my choice, based off lecture slides as a starting point.

My work is based upon identifying an intervention to support social development of children (potentially) undiagnosed of fetal alcohol syndrome.

As a woman, with the ability to carry children, I found it super revealing when learning about the risks that alcohol can cause to the foetus in pregnant women. Also, particularly insightful (or not) was how there is no definite amount of alcohol consumed while pregnant that can lead to these awful outcomes. But yeah, I best get back to creating my poster.

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