the impact of coronavirus for me #1

To begin, a little disclaimer: I am solely talking about my own experiences regarding the pandemic and will continue to blog throughout it. These experiences are how I have been affected myself. I will cover university, family and social life in this post.

At first, the news of coronavirus spreading through China was crazy and I was keeping a steady eye on it. It’s not that I didn’t think it would come to the UK, I did. It’s that I didn’t anticipate the final year of my degree suddenly halting. Obviously, I care more about the people on earth and everyone who is and will be affected by this nasty virus. But this virus took my final year at university away. By this I mean, little did I know that the last lecture I was in, would be my last. The sudden end of face-to-face teaching which was inevitable, was really what made me realise how serious this was. No more lectures. No more exams (gutted as this was my strength and now I’m not so confident regarding the remainder of the academic year). Within a few weeks, all gone. I lived in student accommodation in London, and I was monitoring the number of confirmed cases in the area – adamant that I was fine to stay in London to prevent going home to a room i’d have to share… but the numbers kept rising, almost doubling, day after day. On Wednesday 18th, I made a split decision to come back home, where cases were and still are, less than 5. Leaving some of my belongings in London in hope that I shall return in a month or two, as I still am required to pay my rent… We shall see how this goes, as we are about two weeks behind Italy, if I’m correct. Which means, it is truly about to get nasty and heartbreaking in the UK.

Moving back to the family home has actually been way better than I imagined. There haven’t been any fights and everyone is just getting along with their own things. Sharing my room isn’t too bad either. So, so far, so good. We’ve got enough food for now and we’ve managed to buy another fridge and freezer as there is SIX of us to feed.

Social life for me has never been too active as I’m more of an introvert and prefer to stay in. So on that front, self-isolation has not affected my mental health, then again, I’m only on day 6 so we shall see how I feel later on in the week as I did love to take walks and go out in the sun and explore nature when I could. I know this is still possible to do, but I do think it’s more sensible to stay indoors. One thing I do miss though, is hanging out with my boyfriend. We were already kind of doing the long-distance thing already when I was at uni, but now I’m back home and I’m choosing to self-isolate for AT LEAST two weeks I cannot see him. Also, I’m paranoid that if I had it and was asymptomatic, that I may harm him and/or his family which I could never forgive myself for… so, let’s hope they develop the antibody test soon.

How are you feeling regarding the pandemic and where are you from? Let me know in the comments. Stay safe and wash your hands, everyone! Shoutout to all the keyworkers!!

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Quite literally talking to myself through this blog, but enjoy.

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