Self-isolation thoughts

In this time of self-isolation, I am learning a lot about myself. I’ve learned that I do actually have a list of things I want to do before I die – I know that sounds weird. But usually, when I’m asked about what crazy things I want to be able to achieve one day, my mind goes blank.

So, I’m going to write them down:

1. I want to learn how to sing and play the guitar and maybe another instrument. Like, before I had all of this free time, I forgot how much music can touch my soul. I want to create some music one day.

2. I want to buy a bungalow. I know this is really strange. But I’ve always been fascinated with bungalows. I’ve only been inside one but it was so beautiful (the layout). I think if I ever bought a bungalow, it would be a property I owned to rent out. But I think it’d be amazing to do one up or just to own one…

3. I want and need to learn how to swim. I’ve mentioned this before, but as I’m getting older I realise how important swimming is. Especially if I have children some day. I need to be able to protect them and teach them.

4. I want to handwrite my own recipe book. (I’ve noticed I have a love for cooking, perfecting recipes and trying out new ones)! Recently I made a batch of peanut butter oat cookies and, oh lord, they were so good! I definitely can’t wait to cook everyday for my own little family… (I might regret that, but if I ever read back on this – remember the joy you get from seeing people enjoy your food).

5. I want to keep a scrap book for myself, of my partner and I’s life. I think this will be fun. And then, extend this on to when I have a family to preserve all the little memories because I love looking back on old memories. Also, this has come to me after the last few months, as I realised I need to capture memories more.

6. I want to grow my own vegetables… yes, I’m being dead serious. If I can, at some point in my life, I want my own little vegetables growing at home. It’ll keep me busy and outdoors.

7. I want to be a landlady. One people love and think is reasonable and fair:)

8. I want to have 2-3 children, depending on where I live. As I know the struggles of having to share a room and don’t think it’s ideal when you’re an adult and still have to. But at least I’ve learnt that first-hand so I shouldn’t do that too.

9. I want to be at peace. I want to always believe in love and always feel safe. I want to learn to compromise and test boundaries. I want a proper partnership. Include all the romantic, girly things too – those are super important.

10. I want to have a job that I LOVE and that I take pride in everyday to do the best and be the best I can be.

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Quite literally talking to myself through this blog, but enjoy.

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