tone & sculpt app ~ review

I’ve just re-downloaded the tone and sculpt app by Krissy Cela and here are my thoughts.

I first had it a year ago over summer and used it for the gym version. I have to say, it was super useful and challenging which is what i really enjoyed about it, and my favourite thing is, the workouts are already there so I have no excuse, no time-wasting trying to plan what to do when I’m at the gym. It’s all done for you. On top of that, the meal plan was a solid 10/10 last year. I started eating really healthy and the food choices were incredible! Not what you’d expect!! Although, i did find I was somewhat obsessed with counting my calories…

Price was super affordable and it still is now, for what you get! Really good value for money. I stopped using the app when I left my job, as I could no longer access a gym nearby me – however, I could have used the home workouts section, but I chose not to.

Fast forward to around a year later again, and I’ve found myself purchasing a subscription again and I’ve got to say, I’m impressed Krissy. Not only has she increased the time for which you can cancel the purchase (up to 14 days now) so during this time of the covid-19 crisis, you can get a proper feel for moving your body and still getting the exercise in and hopefully choose to stick with it. But she’s also added in another programme: sculpt it, which is an 8 week plan which I am currently doing now, and boy is it a workout. To my surprise, I’m actually really enjoying the home workouts even though I’m used to working out in a gym with weights and I am also growing fond of skipping, a form of cardio which i think, is not that popular (from what I see).

Let’s talk about food. Not only has the app been updated with several more meals than ever before but it actually can randomise your meals for you – I think this is pretty cool, although I’m fussy and like to choose what I’m going to eat. I think the randomiser is super useful for people who don’t have time to think leisurely about what they want to eat and can instead just follow the recipe and get the ingredients ready and voila!

So yeah, overall, I’m really glad I’m back in the T&S community. It’s really motivating having the challenges and guides all on your phone, ready to workout wherever, whenever. Let’s see what 8 weeks brings forth. I don’t know how long we are going to be stuck in lockdown for. So at least this is keeping me somewhat active.

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