Empirical Project – Part 3

Disastrous times unfolded.

My project was already set and I was coming up to do the remaining bits of research which I hadn’t already done… this is when I noticed, I had taken the “identify a gap in the research” part too far… my project could not go ahead due to a lack of research so I had to update and change it all with very short notice.

Of course, I wish I had anticipated this in advance, but I did learn a very valuable lesson here. If you make ANY changes, ensure it still works with your literature. To be honest, this would have been brilliant if I was a phd student and could go explore my own area of research, as my supervisor told me (to my delight). However, I’m not a phd student, and this wasn’t going to happen.

Luckily for me, my interests were not at a dead-end at all. So it was easy for me to pick up and find new predictors to test. I was still testing using an EEG but now, I was measuring, dark triad traits (psychopathy, narcissism and Machiavellianism), impulsivity (neural and behavioural correlates) as predictors of making a utilitarian choice in moral decision making.

Although this sounds like an easy fix, it was not. I had to research more papers for my literature review to form a good basis and introduction for my dissertation and as you may know, this takes time.

An update though, everything at the time of writing this 20th December, is approved and ready to go! But we will only have started data collection from January (-March)… hopefully, by the time I post this to the world. I would have collected all my data (at least 20 participants) AND would be finishing up my analysis by now, as this is due in May.

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