losing control

I feel like a bird,

Perhaps a raven?

I’m not too sure anymore.

I had a goal insight… I felt freedom and delight!

This year I learnt how to fly,

So I began my mission, gathering sticks and stones, soaring near, far and wide!

But I made a mistake.

I looked back for one second, and I realised, I wasn’t free. There was a killer on my back, his name, Covid-19.

He tore me away from my loved ones. Pushing me so far that I no longer envision them from my birds eye view.

You must be wondering, well, what happened next?

The truth is, I have no idea. I really can’t keep flying anymore. My wings are exhausted from constant self-reassurance.

“You’ll be okay. You’ll see them soon.”

But sometimes hope and words don’t seem enough.

I’m just going to end this by sending my love to anyone who is, or is feeling alone, abandoned, isolated, literally anything which makes you feel bad! I’m so sorry you have to feel this too.

Published by my-waytothe-unknown

Quite literally talking to myself through this blog, but enjoy.

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