newly inspired outlook on life

I was scrolling Instagram’s explore page the other day and I do this silly thing where I refresh the page, and before doing so i pick a row and column and really think about the message that comes through. Yeah pretty strange, I know. Sometimes it’s not always pleasant but honestly, that’s kind of the […]

8 goals till the end of 2020

1. To write more: about my feelings when I am emotional (good/bad). I find that writing is the best way for me to express not only my feelings and thoughts, but it also helps me think more logically. I often write a lot/plan potential plans of actions – for example, plans for after university etc […]


Here is a little poem I wrote a while back. I’m quite proud of this piece as I find it to be truly timeless. There isn’t just one theme which can stem from this, honestly, each time I read it – dependent on my mood, I can envision different meanings from this. Be that a relationship with anxiety, love, depression etc. Take what resonates! Hope you enjoyed this.

personal experience of office work

1. I grew confidence to ask for a pay rise, it was approved and most importantly: ANYONE CAN DO IT – this is a huge one! Although I am/was only temporary summer staff, I had come back to this company for three years in a row. Of course, with this, my responsibilities did increase and […]

buildup to my final year of university

A little background on my current stage of life: I am a Psychology Undergraduate. I will eventually write a recap on my first year of university, demonstrating the highs and lows of university life and perhaps, a little detail into how I drastically improved my grades from first year to second year (gaining a first […]

my way to the unknown

Welcome to my page. If you’ve stumbled across this, I assume it is because you’re intrigued by the life experiences of others – reflections/experiences/support. Or, perhaps, it was an accident. Nevertheless, you’re here. I’ve created this blog so that I can share my journey through life. I’m hoping to do a lot of reflection here […]