don’t be too quick to throw a good thing away

Possibly a bit of jumbled mess, but I hope it kind of made sense. Scroll to the bottom for the summary.

today, I went to the spa

I went to the spa today and had the best time. Most girls my age, have already been to a spa numerous times, but not me. I went with my best friend – she bought me a voucher for my birthday and we FINALLY found time where we were both free, to use it. I […]

accounting to psychology: nightmare process

This is a fairly long and detailed account of my steps before university, as I started and how I ended up doing a whole turnaround: the big decisions, the stress and the hurdles.

newly inspired outlook on life

I was scrolling Instagram’s explore page the other day and I do this silly thing where I refresh the page, and before doing so i pick a row and column and really think about the message that comes through. Yeah pretty strange, I know. Sometimes it’s not always pleasant but honestly, that’s kind of the […]

8 goals till the end of 2020

1. To write more: about my feelings when I am emotional (good/bad). I find that writing is the best way for me to express not only my feelings and thoughts, but it also helps me think more logically. I often write a lot/plan potential plans of actions – for example, plans for after university etc […]

personal experience of office work (temp over 3 years)

1. I grew confidence to ask for a pay rise, it was approved and most importantly: ANYONE CAN DO IT – this is a huge one! Although I am/was only temporary summer staff, I had come back to this company for three years in a row. Of course, with this, my responsibilities did increase and […]