losing control

I feel like a bird, Perhaps a raven? I’m not too sure anymore. I had a goal insight… I felt freedom and delight! This year I learnt how to fly, So I began my mission, gathering sticks and stones, soaring near, far and wide! But I made a mistake. I looked back for one second, …

don’t be too quick to throw a good thing away

Possibly a bit of jumbled mess, but I hope it kind of made sense. Scroll to the bottom for the summary.


Here is a little poem I wrote a while back. I’m quite proud of this piece as I find it to be truly timeless. There isn’t just one theme which can stem from this, honestly, each time I read it – dependent on my mood, I can envision different meanings from this. Be that a relationship with anxiety, love, depression etc. Take what resonates! Hope you enjoyed this.